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Shakespeare Henry Iv Part 2

  • This popular play entertains and inspires in alternating comic scenes and serious ones and is the birthplace of one of the theater's greatest characters, Sir John Falstaff. Young Prince Hal rebels against his father the king until he must go to the king's aid to stamp out the rebellion of nobles.

    Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
    published : 1963
  • The stirring continuation of the themes begun in Henry IV, Part One again pits a rebellion within the State and that master of misrule, Falstaff, against the maturing of Prince Hal. Alternating scenes between bawdy tavern and regal court, between revelry and politics, Shakespeare probes at the sources, uses, and responsibilities of power as an old...

    Publisher : Random House Publishing Group
    published : 2012
  • After defeat at the Battle of Shrewsbury the rebels regroup. But Prince Hal?s reluctance to inherit the crown threatens to destroy the ailing Henry IV?s dream of a lasting dynasty. Shakespeare?s portrait of the prodigal son?s journey from youth to maturity embraces the full panorama of society. Under the editorial supervision of Jonathan Bate and...

    Publisher : Random House Publishing Group
    published : 2009
  • Henry IV, Part 2 is the only Shakespeare play that is a ?sequel,? in the modern sense, to an earlier play of his. Like most sequels, it repeats many elements from the previous work, Henry IV, Part 1 . This play again puts on stage Henry IV?s son, Prince Hal, who continues to conceal his potential greatness by consorting with tavern dwellers, including...

    Publisher : Simon & Schuster
    published : 2016
  • The acclaimed Pelican Shakespeare series edited by A. R. Braunmuller and Stephen Orgel   The legendary Pelican Shakespeare series features authoritative and meticulously researched texts paired with scholarship by renowned Shakespeareans. Each book includes an essay on the theatrical world of Shakespeare?s time, an introduction to the individual...

    Publisher : Penguin Publishing Group
    published : 2017
  • Angered by the loss of his son in battle, the Earl of Northumberland supports another rebellion against King Henry IV, bringing the country to the brink of civil war. Sick and weary, the old King sends out his forces, including the unruly Sir John Falstaff, to meet the rebels. But as the conflict grows, he must also confront a more personal problem...

    Publisher : Penguin Books Ltd
    published : 2005
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